Social Development


Many factors influence a child's social development -- some genetic, some environmental.

Children are all very different in the way in which they develop and in the characteristics they display. Most of this is within a normal range and is not a cause for concern. However, if parents have significant concerns about their child's social development by the time they enter school, they should discuss this with the Kindergarten teacher. If the concerns continue and are shared by the school FAIR START can refer to Lakehead Regional Family Centre for a behavioral assessment.

Social Development Screening

Social Skills May Include the Following: 

  • Sticking to activities
  • Accepting limits
  • Taking turns and sharing with other children

All children differ in their social development. This can depend on many factors, including their experience with other children, whether or not the child attends a child care program, their position in the family, and their unique and individual personalities.


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