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JK Speech and Language Screening

A child should be able to do most of the activities listed on the speech and language pages of the Prescreening Booklet. If he/she cannot perform them, a referral will probably be made for further assessment in speech and language.

A child's speech and language should always be tested in his/her first language. If there are concerns about a child's ability to either pronounce words or use language, FAIR START can refer a parent for a speech and language assessment.

Speech and Language Screening

Tips to Help Your Child Develop Speech and Language: 

  • Allow your child to tell you stories using books and pictures
  • If your child is having trouble saying a particular sound in words, emphasize that sound as you say it. (e.g. "Find your sssock.")
  • Expand your child's sentences to make more complex sentences (e.g., your child says "Me go to doctor", you could say, "You went to the doctor yesterday").



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